You know your body!

I have finally received my results from the colposcopy clinic.

It is good news I feel ☺. They have unfortunately found pre-cancerous cells, but I have also received an appointment to have them removed, and yearly smear test. So I am sure all will be good 👍 just something that needs dealing with.

I think this really shows the importance again in knowing your body, and always getting it checked out if you feel something isn’t right. You know your body better than anyone. Smears are not pleasant, going to the gyneacology department is not pleasant but if left, pre-cancerous cells could become cancerous, so more unpleasant. Do not let the doctor fob you off if you feel something isn’t right, go back and see a different one, my doctor was good but possibly because of my history – with breast cancer I needed to see a different doctor to get a referral.

Another positive from my visit is the samples they gave me to help with thin skin and dryness in the area – I have purchased some yesyesyes organic products and they haven’t solved it but they have made it so much better, I would recommend their products if anyone is on hormone treatment or going through menopause and need help with this issue.

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