Rocky road getting smoother ?? 

I am back 😉 a friend said that I hadn’t blogged for a while, so taken the hint and here I am. I am struggling to know what to write, I am just improving a little each week. “Just” improving that’s not right because there’s no just I am improving and that’s amazing and fantastic – if you told me a few months ago that I would be baking and enjoying cooking again so soon, I am not sure I would have believed you. So the cooking is following recipes and they are pretty simple but yummy, I treated myself to Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredients book, and it’s reignited my love of cooking – whilst actually saving money. This is because I shop for the recipes that we’ve decided to have the next week. I am not fit enough to do the weekly shop just yet, so click and collect has been a god send. Whilst having chemo it saved hubby a job, and meant we could make sure someone was about to unload and put away. A small thing but a huge help. My boy, has also started baking using the book, this means 2 nights this week he has not been on the Xbox but has made, orange short bread and last night frozen banoffee cheesecake (tonight’s treat) and he has done them independently ❤ from shopping to making 😀.

Today I have been back to the shop I bought my wig from, why am I telling you this? Well I wanted people to know that there could be an issue with your wig, that may not be made clear when buying. First thing is the manufacturer doesn’t guarantee the wig, how do I know this now? My wig has gone funny round the neck area, matted and knotty, so my love hate relationship continues. The ladies in the shop were clear today that there is no guarantee and that The manufacturer will not exchange it, as it’s classed as wear and tear, yet only had it 6 months. They said that this is a common issue due to friction and natural oils from the neck area, however this wasn’t explained when buying. Would I have bought a different wig if they had? Probably not. But I do think they should have said, as it makes the wig itchy, and looks bad, at least I would have been aware that it could happen. They have trimmed the wig and put a special leave in conditioner on it, it is nearly good as new…..why they didn’t offer the leave in conditioner when buying is another question, as they’ve suggested I use it each time I wear the wig. They also explained that it could be from wearing a scarf as this could have rubbed and caused the friction, now they say best to only wear cotton scarves, again why didn’t they tell me at the time of buying? So if you know anyone buying a wig, just be aware if they get one that is shoulder length or longer they may come across the same issue. I am hoping the conditioner works – i will let you know 😀

I went for my contact lenses check up this week, and he did a good check of my eyes because there is a small link between breast cancer and eye cancer, that was a nervous few minutes I can tell you, but thankfully all is good with the health of my eyes 🤓 again this is something I was unaware of.

A little of how I am doing………. I do have lots of aches and pains, mainly due to the operation, I wake up most mornings with back ache and neck ache, hoping it improves as I can fitter, it could be worse. At night sometimes get sharp pains in feet and hands but not every night which I am thankful for. I am not sleeping great but again could be worse. My main problem is fatigue oh boy it’s not fun, I’ve tried sleeping through it, working through, walking through it, nope nothing makes a difference other than sitting and resting. If I sleep I wake up tired, if I carry on doing stuff or walking I knock myself for the next day………it is improving a little each week though 🤗 – tables and dancing soon enough 

I have a couple of busy weeks, with hospital appointments not just for me, but will keep you posted on my appointments 😀

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