Last oncology appointment…..

Yesterday I was discharged from the oncology department – yippee yay! They have diverted my road back to my surgeon Mr Kristjen, who I see next week. It also hit me that it’s a year since I noticed a small change in my right breast – that I wasn’t sure I really could see. I return to work at the being of December a year since my diagnosis – a year out of my life, to hopefully give me 20-30 years. Oh how my life as changed πŸ˜€

I saw another registrar, again very nice, she asked how I had been getting on. She asked to examine me, (yep boobs had to come out again – been a while πŸ˜‚) she checked both breasts, my tummy and listened to me breathing. I did ask if I need to check new breast as it’s not breast tissue, she said it is best to do both. It was a nervous few minutes while she checked, but all is good. She congratulated me on getting through chemo and said how well I had done (I am not sure this praise is well placed as I think you just get on with it, you have no other real option, do you ? But I’ll take it as chemo is something you’d not wish on anyone even your worse enemy’s) I asked about secondary cancer, who do I contact with any concerns, she explain my breast care nurse if breast related, GP for other issues. I am trying hard to not think about secondary cancer, but does seem to pop up a lot on my FB feed and things I read. There’s also the slightly higher risk of ovarian cancer being on tamoxifen – but all I can do is be aware of symptoms and raise any concerns with GP. I am due a smear, so need to get appointment sorted (Need to make sure I get things checked as I should do, think being a busy mum you tend to put everyone else first and delay having regular checks, but this needs to change) and learn to live with the thought being at the back of my mind. 

I am starting to feel good, just my back that seems to hurt at the moment, possible because I am doing more, I think my fatigue is getting better, still get tired but I can do a bit more before it hits. I wonder if back sore as it’s my right side, so when cooking, tidying, driving etc I am using it more, and it’s a muscle short πŸ˜‰ something to just get used too I guess, it has unfortunately set off my migraines, but thankfully my tablets work. 

Next week I am back to the breast institute seeing Mr Kristjen and Diane my breast care nurse, he needs to see how his work of art is doing (my boobs) not sure if my new one needs a tweak, making a little bigger, it is about a size smaller, guess see what he thinks, to whether worth another operation, he did say last time I saw him we will look at tattooing the nipple, this may help me when looking at the new breast. Although I have/do struggle with my new breasts, I know I made the right decision for me, as i could be looking at an operation around now if I’d waited for reconstruction, rather than all at once.

It’s sepsis awareness month this month, I had never really thought about it before, but having been so poorly, but lucky to have been in the right place, I now know how serious it is, and why before starting chemo, you are told about your temperature and how they bluntly tell you not to take paracetamol as it can hide a temperature which can kill you. Again I was so lucky πŸ˜€

On another note I am going to attempt the Alzheimer’s Society memory walk on the 1st Oct – if you can sponsor me I would appreciate it ……

See separate blog for just giving page πŸ˜€

Thank you πŸ˜€

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