6 weeks after last chemo…

Wow can’t believe it’s 6 weeks since my last chemo, that’s gone quick! But then I have had 2 holidays, a hospital appointment and spoken to GP during those 6 weeks.

This week started with me feeling unsure and unsettled. This week my sick note ran out, so a decision needed to be made of when to return to work. I had sort of thought about looking at a phase return after 4 weeks, but I had started to feel unsure if this was realistic. My GP was ringing me Monday afternoon to discuss sick note and tamoxifen, so needed to think about it.

Monday morning I rang my breast care nurse to book myself on their course, moving forward after treatment in November, I left her a message – luckily she returned my call later, we talked for quite awhile, she explained that tamoxifen can take up to 2 months to get into your system, so any side affects my not show for another month (Oh great!!) And that with my fatigue I may struggle going back to work so soon, she felt a month was too soon, and that 2 months with phased return after was more realistic. I mentioned I had been struggling with my bowels, she didn’t think it was left from chemo or as a result from tamoxifen, she was unsure what could be causing it. It felt good to talk to someone who knew what I was going through even if not first hand (in some ways that’s better as she is non-judgemental, where as if you’ve experienced it yourself you kind of have an opinion, based on what worked or didn’t work for you etc) she made me rethink, so another 2 months it needs to be, especially with the driving as concentration can be an issue πŸ€” (maybe always be a bit of an issues πŸ˜‚) 

GP rang as agreed, and was great he said straight away a month not enough, he wants to sort issues out first ie bowels. He prescribed buscapan as he said that tamoxifen can be an irritant and this may have affected my IBS – yay if its not one thing its another πŸ˜‰ (the problem is that these things I have lived with – but now I can’t help but think is it cancer, has the chemo not worked, then I have to pull myself together. But I am going to have these thoughts because I am actually pretty normal!! ). I feel so much better that I don’t go back to work till end Oct – this gives me time to build my energy back up – I will say at this point, doesn’t mean I’ll be running 5k or eating organic veg food – NO cancer has taken a bit of my personality but it’s not changed me that much, I will still eat cake and drink alcohol  (when I can) – I will try to be fitter ie more walking, perhaps the gym too – please don’t judge me, I am still me and life too short not to enjoy cake πŸ˜‰

Monday also showed me how this has affected my boy πŸ˜”. Apart from worrying about what I eat, he just seems to worry about me quietly. I decided I needed to do something “normal” so whilst he was still asleep I thought I’d nip to Tesco fancied having a mooch (not been in Tesco for months – as not had energy to get round). My boy woke whilst I was out, promptly rang me to find out where I was – later I asked him why he rang, he said because he was worried, as he thought his sister had said I’d been sick, so thought I’d been taken back into hospital πŸ˜”. I’ve made a mental note to just let him know when I am going out – bless him. 

This week ends with so many positives, my hair is growing, visited my amazing hairdresser, she has dyed it, so no more grey!! And wow it felt fab to visit the hairdressers again, and have my hair washed by someone else… it’s so true it’s the little things that are important and that we take for granted. I went out for the day with my cheeky but lovely niece – who I don’t see enough of! I am happy…..yes happy I have been smiling more, feeling more settled and that I am doing well, I do have aches and pains but I just feel so much better. I received a thank you card this week too, that made me realise that there is always hope ….. 

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