A week after chemo 

A week since chemo and I am starting to feel human again, apart from my mouth and my change in tastes ….. had a Korma last night and I actually enjoyed it, okay not that spicy but this is me after all 😉. My mouth is sore, so thinking about what I want to eat is a difficult problem …. well okay on grand scale of world events and today’s political choices it’s very small, but I have been tasked with writing a shopping list of food I would like to eat, plus able to get ready and cook myself this weekend…..decision, decisions 😂. Why am I fending for myself? Well finally the family are going to have a life this weekend, the boys are going camping at keswick festival Friday & Saturday night – so pleased they are going away – not because I need a break from them (honest) but because they need a break from me and my treatment (normal life). My daughter is going to London to the capital FM summer time ball, so out all of Saturday back early hours Sunday – it’s strange how happy I feel that they are going to get away even only for a short while and they will have fun, both events are music events too ….. music is an amazing tool to bring people together and make you feel every thing is going to alright, think the world has been shown this last week with the concert in Manchester, and all the other concerts and festivals still taking place.

Music helps me through the night, if unable to sleep and brain starts going into overdrive I will put my headphones on and listen to my Google playlist, I try to concentrate on the words of a song, that way shutting out any nasty thoughts that enter my head. Maybe I need to do this during my next chemo session to keep calm. 

I watched the Soap awards the other night, now whether you like/Enjoy soaps or not, you have to give them a huge amount of praise for the way they tackle real life difficult issues. I was pleased to see some story lines that’s are close to my heart won some great awards, my favourite episode this year was Emmerdale’s take on how the world looks for a person with Dementia….Ashley’s view, it was so well written and played out, I hope it helped people to have a little more understanding. Hollyoaks had tackled the issue of teenage cancer, don’t watch but it’s fab to see these difficult issues being highlighted, and to know that helplines are always given out at the end of each programme. Awareness of many different illness is a powerful thing. The more understanding we have the better we can support people going through whatever issue they have.

Right off to finish my shopping list 😉 and then to vote – not wasting my vote, women fought for our right to vote! 

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