Watch “A dad with cancer is still a dad” on YouTube

I have seen several new Macmillan adverts including the one I’ve linked….they have all reduced me to tears, I saw the first one Thursday morning before my last chemo, they have a powerful message. “A person with cancer is still a person”

I am lucky to have breast cancer – yes thats right I said I am lucky, as the support I have received, has been given without having to seek it or beg for it. With breast cancer I have a specialist nurse  (key nurse) who I can talk to, or leave a message for. There is also “breast cancer care” the charity which has an amazing website and leaflets to support every step of way. (I have a huge pile of leaflets). However other cancer patients don’t get the same, they rely on Macmillan cancer and other charities, mixed reports to the help and support they actually give, depends on the resources available, and funding I guess.

Chemo is brutal and it is taking it out of me, I keep focusing on only 2 more left, but my aches have turned to sharp pains, seems particularly bad in my operation area, legs and arms. My mouth and nose are odd, my tastes have changed – marmite tastes wrong 😮 I am a love marmite person!! I am struggling to drink water as that doesn’t taste right either – on the plus chocolate is back 😉 …. having to eat stronger favoured things, maybe time to get to like curries and spicy foods 🤔. I have ear ache and sore throat – wow I sound moany sorry….but it’s how it is. It’s been a hard few days but I am starting to see light at end of the tunnel, as starting to feel a bit better. I am also aware many people have it a lot worse and my heart goes out to them, how do you deal with years of treatment? I am hungry and eating well, which must be a good sign too. I do keep having wobbles, and I do feel low at times, but my amazing support network gets me through, you know who you all are. You have shown me you still see me as me – And that means the world to me. And I am blessed to have reconnected with family …. ❤ . 

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