Chemotherapy – after second round 

I had my second round of chemo yesterday, whilst there I commented to the nurse how scary it is that they are so busy…..her wise words made me smile and proud of the research and hard work of the NHS …..she said it’s not scary, we are busy because we can now treat people at one time we couldn’t, we are diagnosing early so able to treat better, and we are growing older but able to cure more. 

So how have I been, actually having chemo is an uncomfortable feeling, lucky I am only there 1hr 30mins, some people there all day, but not painful and the nurses do check that you are okay all the time….. I was sick during last night, not as bad as last time which is great. I had heavy legs again which is a strange sensation to have. Today I have been very tired and fighting nausea. My mood has been quite good though, which has helped. I do think that fact I’ve now lost my hair has helped as not worrying about it. (It was very painful until I had it shaved).

Still feel guilty about things but learning to be kind to me, I can only do so much, I do have chemo brain so if I forget what you say to me, it’s not because I’ve not listened. I spent hours trying to remember what my auntie offered to lens me, when I saw her on Tuesday 😀 it came back to me eventually!! (Frustrating) 

12 thoughts on “Chemotherapy – after second round 

  1. Jo

    What a wonderful idea to blog. It means you can get it all out of your head and also give us a helpful insight. Thoughtful as ever, Adrienne. X

    1. Helen Byrne

      It is indeed a very good idea to write a blog Adrienne. I really wish I had been able to articulate my dialysis experience. It still weighs very heavily on my shoulders so I hope your blog frees you to focus on a healthy future. Hx

  2. Niki

    Excellent idea hun. It feels better to get things out there, often easier to write them than to say them. Also helps me get a better understanding.
    Love you xx

  3. Linda

    Was it the tent? It’s very big and very green and hard to forget but very understandable under the circa!!
    You are so glam in your suffering. Lady you got style!
    Thinking of you all the time. Lots of love, A. Linda xx


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