Day 2/3 

Good afternoon, yesterday was yet another reasonably good day. I managed to do a little bit of weeding  (Well 3 weeds out) before Lucy dog and I decided that supervising was a better option 😉 so we sat in the sun (Did risk assessment on this decided as foundation has SPF 15 and the sun not too strong – with the warmth on my skin feeling great the positive effect out weighed any risk).😎

Before you start chemotherapy you attend an new patient interview, during this interview they tell you lots of does and do nots, one is sitting in the sun as you are more at risk of burning, this is also for months after you’ve finished….but I like the sun, so this will be hard, however sunscreen and large floppy sun hats are the way forward. Audrey Hepburn classy look for summer.

The biggest risk is infection due to the drugs also damaging good cells, so I am on steroids for 3 days after a course of chemo, I also have to take my temperature everyday, if it goes above 38c then they ask you to go into hospital to have tests and IV anti biotics within the hour! Scary stuff as infections can be life threatening and they are very clear on this, shocked Mark.  Funnily enough having lost my hair my temperature has dropped from an 36.5c average to 35.5c so guess my hair was keeping me warm! Who knew…😂 I am also on anti biotics indefinitely due to there being a pneumonia bug around (nurse said it’s a nasty strain so all chemo patients will be on anti biotics for the foreseeable future) 

With the type of chemo I am having (there are about 100 different types/combinations I believe) I have it though a cannula, I am having 3 different drugs for 3 of the sessions. The first drug is bright red (yes my wee is red) the chemo nurse sits with you whilst this is going through – a machine does the flow it’s not manual. She needs to sit with you as if it leaks out of the cannula it can damage your blood vessels. Next you are given steroids, and a saline flush. The next drug, can make your nose and sinus tingle amd sore. Another saline flush and then the last drug, which you need to drink iced water and suck ice cubes – this is to help reduce mouth ulcers and getting a sore mouth, due the mouth being a vulnerable area – so far my mouth this time round has been good, manage eat other foods than frozen cherries and yoghurt. A final flush and then you are free to leave.

I am given extra strong anti sickness tablets for 4 days – oncologist has said that I can have stronger ones, which I will take him up one next time. 

Today started out not feeling so good, but I think having the family around as it’s the weekend and also the sun is out, has helped oh yes and a visit from a friend always helps too 😉

5 thoughts on “Day 2/3 

  1. Linda Dixon

    You make it sound very easy and I’m sure it’s not, but you are a great role model for anyone who has to go through all this. I’ve got a gorgeous big floppy hat if you want to sit in my garden. Xxx
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  2. Catherine Waby

    Loved reading your blog and it made me titter, music and especially the sun are a massive hit for me and of course the family, but friends always keep me going whatever befalls so I am looking forward to seeing your smiley face this week and hopefully we will have a giggle or two 😆


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