Moving forward……

It’s now over 2 years since my last chemo, and I think I am almost side effect free… veins have stopped hurting unless I am a little dehydrated, my concentration isnt how it was, not really able to do more than 1 thing at once, and my short term memory can be an issue. Not sure that’s chemo or tamoxifen or start of menopause due to tamoxifen πŸ€” might just be an age thing πŸ˜‚ I think I am sometimes just quick to blame chemo or the dreaded T.

I went to see my surgeon yesterday to decided whether to have another operation on my false boobie – so more fat put in to alter shape and size….. on trying to weigh up the pros and cons of another operation my daughter said something that kind of surprised me, she said that I had 2 options :

1. You can stay as you are and be quite happy with it but continue to remain well and improving


2. Possibly go through pain etc (be knocked back) and still be quite happy with it

Not her actually words, she said it so much better and she knows it’s my decision and I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. What struck me was that she had seen that I am improving and that I am generally really well – apart from a few niggles from T which I am dealing with . It just took her saying it for me to actually notice it too 😊 so the decision is – is my boob maybe looking bigger more important than the fact that I am well. After talking to my surgeon and him looking at his handiwork, he said he didnt feel that another operation would actually really improve the look of my boob, so he made the decision for me yippee πŸ˜‚ I do feel it’s the right decision though, so he signed me off (not before taking some more photos of his masterpiece) no more appointments at the breast institute unless it’s my yearly mammogram – I could dance and sing (I wont we have had enough rain lately)

My hair is now a really good length, but its different it’s even more curly and thicker, some days I like it and some days I wish it was how it was, but I have my hair compliments back πŸ˜‚ (not sure are ever a 100% happy with our hair πŸ€”)

I can’t believe its 2 years since my last chemo – time moves on, life moves on but its definitely changed me, i remember thinking when I was first diagnosed “well its only a year out my life with treatment – we can do this” in reality it’s not a year, after 2 years it’s still there but I am moving forward and I am happy and grateful I survived so many don’t x

2 thoughts on “Moving forward……

  1. Tracy Dabell

    Lovely lady you are strong powerful beautiful
    Inside and out Adrienne. We met not through the best circumstances of our lives but we will always have each other chat ,talk ,worry , niggles, those dreaded mammograms it’s what keeps us strong πŸ’ͺ


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