7th yes 7th oncology appointment 

This is something for all my nearest and dearest to now look forward to 🤔 I have just returned from (I can’t believe it is actually 7th) my 7th oncology appointment. I saw Sam again who is an “Advanced Pharmaceutical Practitioner” ?!? Anyway he is very nice and easy to talk to, he seems to also know his stuff, so not worried he isn’t an oncologist. He has given me my new daily tablets “tamoxifen” – I will be on these for at least 5 years, but because of my age he thinks it’ll be 10 years. My breast cancer was oestrogen receptor-positive which means it relied on the hormone oestrogen to grow, tamoxifen blocks oestrogen from reaching cancer cells, this means the cancer either grows more slowly or stops growing although. It is used, in my case to reduce the risk of breast cancer returning. There is a lovely long list of side effects 😑 but mainly I will go through the menopause, there is a little good news if the hot flushes don’t calm down after a few weeks they maybe able to help with that! Sam mentioned forgetfulness and mood yeah to that, god help you all 😂😂 

Today I am feeling good, managed to shower and get ready to leave the house by 8.30am, doesn’t sound much but a huge improvement for me. I have been showering or bathing the night before to help with my breathlessness and fatigue in the morning. I also walked from the car park to the department and back, which is quite a distance. I am resting now. My funny tummy and my hip pain are due to the chemo, but need to keep an eye on it, if it doesn’t improve need it let them know. My taste buds are slowly improving as is my appetite.

I return to oncology department in 6 weeks to see how I am getting on with the tamoxifen and its side effects. 6 weeks is the 19th September, the day before my next sick note will run out, so the day before thinking about returning to work. Very mixed feelings about this, it’s a scary thought, I know it will be a phased return, and I can’t wait to see my work family but how will I manage…. (still 6 weeks is a while away, can get plenty of drinking practice in before then 😂😂 ) 6 weeks is a long time to build my strength up, especially when I am improving each day, but it’s still a daunting thought after so long off….i am sure these are natural feelings and as it gets closer I’ll be ready to get into it. 

2 thoughts on “7th yes 7th oncology appointment 

  1. Jo

    Good to have the prior warning! No point worrying about going back to work yet, just keep recovering and you’ll know when you are able to return. X


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