Day 6 after last chemo ….

Today is classed as day 6 after chemo as they count the day you have chemo as day 1. I’ve made it, made it past Monday and I am still at home……. this was a huge emotional rock to get past, as Monday was the day I went down hill last time and ended up in hospital for a week. But this time I’ve got past it 😀

That’s not to say it’s been plain sailing or driving (rocky road 😉) . Friday was a reasonably good day, Saturday I started to feel very tired again, this then saw the return of my cough  (although no tena ladies in sight – band them 😂) . Saturday over night was rough, even with all my anti sickness tablets I was sick, up most of the night. Sunday brought aching joints, not as bad as last time but not being able to get comfy in bed or sat up, bath was the place to be. My mouth is bad this time round I have sores and everything tastes awful, which makes it hard to eat and drink. My ears ache again too, need to keep eye on that as this was a sign I was going down hill last time. I decided Sunday night to take sleeping tablets and I believe that was the best decision I’ve made in a while, as I slept well for 6 hours, and I felt a lot better …… not brill but a lot better. 

Monday arrived and I can safely say it was a scary day for me, kept taking my temperature, tried hard to relax, avoided people, felt a bit like a mind game, slowest day ever. The day started with another rock to climb, Mark had to inject me 😯, these are the injections they give you to encourage your bone marrow to produce white and red blood cells and platelets. I need to have them for 5 days, I am not sure who was more terrified 😂 after I wonder if he enjoyed it too much ……… I wasn’t able to sleep during the day, maybe because of the good night’s sleep I had, it was hot so I spent the day on the bed with fan on, but no tennis to watch. I am weak from being sick and struggling to eat and drink but it’s Tuesday and I feel sooooo much better, the only way is up now……. today is the start of a new me, new life and new outlook 🤗

3 thoughts on “Day 6 after last chemo ….

  1. fatboygettingslim

    Reblogged this on fatboygettingslim and commented:
    Please check out this blog from a good friend of mine who has faced breast cancer head on and is a real inspiration to me

  2. Linda

    Now is recovery road. I hope it’s going to be much smoother going. We all think you’re amazing! Lots of love as ever xxx

  3. Jo

    ….and even more fabulous than the old you! Not that you weren’t pretty ok before 😉. So, so pleased you’re on the up, it’s the only possible direction now. Xxx


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