5th Oncology Appointment 

I saw this and it made me giggle …… you have to laugh xx

Today saw me back at the hospital for my 5th oncology appointment. They seem to come round so quick, which is good means I am obviously not getting to bored inbetween appointments 😀
There was a 1 hour 15min delay, apparently my oncologist has left and I have a new one ……its a bit hot in the hospital, no surprise really, but okay as armed with my fan (A few jealous looks and remarks I need to get one of those) it was so hot I actually took me hat off – yes I went bald wow it was liberating and flipping cooler, walking back to the car later and having lunch out – I noted you get as many glances with a hat as you do bald! So there’s a thing, I my do bald more – when not with my boy, who still in public not comfortable with it (happy to tease me at home about being unable to grow hair though, so it’s a start) but when it’s hot it’s the way forward.

So my new oncologist seems okay, he listened to me which is a great start. He asked how it was going, explained much more tired this time round (common thing) more head aches but migraine tablets seem to be sorting these out. My body ached …. he asked if I’d had a fever – nope, did I ring emergency number – nope, he happy with that. We then discussed the last chemo, I told him my symptoms and he asked me if I’d had back ache, chest pains, a rash, if my tongue was swollen – no to all these. He gave me some options for this time round, we agreed that I would try having the anti sickness as tablet form (had IV last time and in younger ladies can make you panicky and want to leave) to have steriods and piriton just in case I have a reaction. To then try the docetaxel – also known as taxotere again, but if I want to stop then that’s okay, I could then try a different drug – however this is only licenced if you are allergic to the docetaxel. Another option is I can finish off my treatment with FEC these were my first three drugs. He also reassured us that not finishing the hour last time will be fine. 

I also noted that this blood test he asked for a check on bones ie calcium levels – I’ve googled and it says could detect bone cancer, I need to ask when I go if this is standard at this point – I am guessing, so if anyone can enlighten me I’d be pleased – i hope they are checking, as I’ve not had any other tests to see if any little buggers are lurking anywhere, no scans etc, 

Getting close to the finishing line now – which is a little scary, set free to the outside world well to the hands of my GP because then I start on my 5 -10 year journey with hormone tablets, not an easy ride for some either – the joys of being young and pre menopausal. Yearly mammograms, already booked for February, oh yes and my September appointment with Dr gorgeous Kristjen – to check his work of art 😉(mmmmmmm who should I take to that appointment 😉). With breast cancer, Diane who is my nurse is now mine for 5yrs (poor lady 😂) so if I notice anything or have any worries I can just ring her, and she will see me, no need for a referral  (it’s a brilliant system).

Only one more after this Thursday 😀 …… 

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