You’re you …. 

I was sent this card last week with the following quote in it, it’s such a powerful quote I wanted to share it with you all ….

As you are

Stronger than you know, more beautiful than you think, worthier than you believe, more loved than you can ever imagine, passionate about making a difference, fiery about protecting those you love, learning, growing, not alone, warm, giving, generous, quirky, sexy, funny, smart, flawed, whole, scared, brave, and so so so much more ….. You’re you! 

Apparently it’s for “kick ass” women….and I know many women this suits ❤

This week I posted a picture on Facebook, a new profile picture. It is me with a wig (not brave enough for the bald picture as yet 😉) the reason I did this was because I was meeting someone special who I hadn’t seen for a few years and they needed to see me with my wig on to help recognise me. But the lovely messages that were sent though comments on the picture astounded me – thank you 😀 

Yes I do look well, I have always had an interest in makeup, liked to try new things, this is helping me now. That’s why I look well, I am lucky that although my eye brows have thinned and my eyelashes are not as thick, there was plenty before chemo, so still enough to work with now. I use No.7 foundation, I am using more now as my skin is more blotchy than before, so a good covering (Interestingly enough not enough for it to really be SPF 15, as I saw the other day you need to have at least a table spoon of foundation to be wearing enough for the SPF it claims to be!! – day time Tele can be useful 😂). I then use a bronzer it’s a Tesco collection one, I felt I needed some bronzing as not allowed to sun bathe. I do also use the benefit “do the hoola” box set if need to feel extra special … but I like the Tesco bronze as much (a lot cheaper too). As I said my eye brows are thinning, I used to use L’Oreal brow artist, but it was too dark with my wig colour, so now I fill in my brows with “brow zing” benefit it’s a softer colour. I haven’t changed my eye make up this is still from “naked 3” urban decay range. I use No.7 midnight lash on my few eyelashes but this seems to work well with enhancing them making them seem thicker. Blush is another benefit one “rockareur” then I finish with benefit balm on my lips. Oh yes and plenty of No.7 protect and perfect intense moisturiser. So this is why I look well 😀 make up hides a multitude of sins 😉

I am not sure if you really want to know about my make up routine, but as I lost my hair, eye brows and eyelashes it became an important part of my life, spending money on the right make up for me was essential not luxury as before, it’s given me the confidence to go out, so if you know someone in a similar situation who is struggling maybe practical support around filing in the brows or making eyes bigger and brighter to draw attention away from what’s missing may be how you can help them 😀 

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