Proton Beam Radiotherapy – 1st week done ✔

This week Emelia has had her 7th cycle of Chemotherapy and 5 Proton Beam sessions. She started the week on Monday early with blood tests and obs. All okay so chemo was started, she had a lovely room brand new, only been open 2 weeks. It had a bed, big chair, ensuite and TV so better than the day case ward. 5 hours of chemo then she was given her backpack with a 20 hour bag of fluid and pump, guidance on what to do if the pump has a wobble and sets its alarms off. Then it was off for Proton therapy – for me a straight forward process and quick (i only had to sit in the waiting room watching the tennis) Emelia said it was horrendous, noisy and her mask was extremely tight (looks like a lizard after – its okay they are her words 😂) they are firing the beam in at 3 angles.

She is doing really well considering all that her body is going through at the moment, thankful for tennis and football – 2 days of chemo we needed it 😊. Luckily the pump behaved its self over both nights, no alarms – phew, could have caused a night dash to hospital if it had gone off, day 2 was 4 hours of chemo, and fitted again with fluids in backpack, and proton therapy- this time we took the wheelchair, so we had a little trip to hospital shop and then went outside to go to the proton beam centre (much better than being in hospital for 2–3 nights) although we do need to isolate whilst having chemo, so no meals out.

She has been angry and grumpy which is to be expected considering all she is going through, we have tried to get out a little since chemo finished, thankfully we have some food shops close by, so able to walk to them to just buy an icecream and then sit and watch the world go by. It is odd seeing the office block opposite empty, but plenty of people visiting Manchester for the weekend via the train.

Her bloods are good, so no need for any blood transfusion or extra injections this time round.

Can’t believe her first week is done only 5 more to go. Only today off this week as they are having 3 days of maintenance next Friday, Saturday and Sunday- so instead of Friday next week she is back in tomorrow, Sunday.

All going as well as it can, miss the garden and dogs, but only 5 weeks to go. Thank you for all your messages and support ❤

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