4th oncologist visit – only 2 left 😀

So today was consultant day…..another day on hold for cancer! Why do I get so nervous before this, nothing nasty happens on the Tuesday, so why so nervous? Think its my brain playing tricks with me again. Although appointments with the consultant only last 10 minutes it is almost a whole days job…..partly due to going to Nottingham City Hospital, which is a maze in it’s self and partly due to each time we go the nurse that does oncology bloods is on the wards, so have sit with the millions waiting in another part of the hospital…today was the day after bank holiday! So in and out of consultants – saw one of his team this week and what a lovely lady she was too, until she said I couldn’t have anything to help with the pain I will get in my veins from the cannula on Thursday – just paracetamol and ibuprofen  (Well after all my strong pain meds these don’t tend to do much 😔) so Thursday will not be good….oh she did check I knew how and when to take steroids from tomorrow – apparently I must take breakfast and lunch  (4 tablets each time) any later and I’ll not sleep – interesting think I may get a high on these ones 😉 watch out if you visit or speak to me 😂 (watch this space/blog for steroid updates later in week) so all set for Thursday if bloods are okay, side effects explained as new drug, on a plus the nausea should be better, but not going to dwell on what could be …. the phlebotomy department was very busy some people waited 2 hours – which is a long time but why do people get aggressive the nurses can’t help the amount of people that need blood tests, I was lucky as it was around an hours wait. 

I feel like I’ve walked miles, this is how it is with City Hospital it’s a maze, we went in one entrance and went up stairs, never came down them but still came out at ground level….this messed with my head 😂 (Mark knows the hospital well as he paced it for 7 hours while i had my operation) I am shattered from it all. On the plus we get free parking (the best advice given to mark once diagnosed, was which car park to use – City Hospital recommend you bus or park and ride it, but that takes ages, someone Mark works with mum had treatment for cancer there so knew where to park – I get car park rage so this really helped 😂) . I’ve come home and need to sleep….my neck, back and head hurts, my new boob is uncomfortable and where the lymph nodes were taken is sore. All in all bed seems the best place for me now …. 😴

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